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About us

Legal & Insurance Services Limited (LIS) is a specialist underwriting agency which has over 25 years experience assisting solicitors and intermediaries in arranging legal indemnity insurance and local search insurance relating to the conveyancing market.

We arrange bespoke competitively priced policies covering anything from a basic residential or commercial risk to a complex development issue.

We pride ourselves on our quick, flexible and intelligent service by our experienced team, many of whom are lawyers who have previously worked in private practice.

In response to a written enquiry (an email will suffice) our underwriters can tailor our principal's policies to provide bespoke insurance that is intended to protect land owners and/or their financial backers from certain losses arising from title risks that range from standard, technical concerns right up to complex issues that can equally affect existing residential or commercial units as well as large and multi-title development projects. Where circumstances allow, our underwriters are prepared to consider cover for development risks on both a pre-planning and a post-planning basis.

LIS Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, firm reference number 305910.

Types of Cover

Outstanding Rights

Where third party rights, that could interfere with an existing use or an anticipated future use, remain on a title

Contaminated Land

Where there is a potential risk that historical contamination could be identified at a property and remediation is required

Defective Leases

Where there is a lack of reciprocal repairing covenants or concerns about insurance provisions in a lease

Flying and Creeping Freeholds

Inadequate reciprocal rights of support, protection and/or entry with adjoining dwellings to enable repair

A lack of or inadequate rights or easements

Where rights are unsatisfactory or missing from a title, such as rights of access or relating to service/drainage media

Title Possessory/Title Good Leasehold

Where there is the potential for a title challenge because the land is not registered with Title Absolute

Restrictive Covenants

Existing or anticipated breaches of restrictive covenants

Local Search

Lack of Searches/Search Delay/Search Validation

Search Validation

Lack of Searches/Search Delay/Search Validation


Adverse consequences that might arise because the title to a property remains subject to an outstanding rentcharge

Title Insurance

Insurance to cover general title matters and search issues that may adversely affect a portfolio of properties

Insolvency Act - Deeds of Gift

Where there is concern that a transfer at undervalue or gift and may be set aside

Judicial Review

Where an insured wants to rely on a planning permission but there is a risk that it will be the subject an application for judicial review

Absent Landlord/Forfeiture

Where there is a risk of a third party seeking to exercise a right of re-entry by reason of a breach of leasehold covenants

Sewer Insurance

A building or part of a building has been built over or close to a public sewer with or without a formal agreement and there may be issues relating to the re-instatement of that building

Lack of Planning Permission/Listed Building Consent/Building Regulations

Where works have been completed without the necessary planning or listed building consent and/or building regulations approval

Breach of Planning Permission/S.106/S.52

Where a development has been completed that may be in breach of a planning agreement or planning conditions or where there is no documentary evidence that conditions have been discharged


Mines, Mineral and/or Manorial Rights

Where a title is subject to an exception in respect of mines and minerals and/or manorial rights and there is a risk of trespass or interference by the surface development


Leasehold covenants

Breaches of some old leasehold covenants

Other issues

If your title issue is not listed here please contact us

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