For Solicitors or General Insurance Brokers in need of a legal indemnity or a local search


If anything should happen which might give rise to a claim under the policy please forward full details to Legal and Insurance Services Limited at the below address. Please include mention of the Policy Number shown at the top of the Schedule to the policy.

If you do not receive a reply or acknowledgement within 10 working days please forward the details to Liberty Specialty Markets at the below address.



In all cases we will need:

  • Details of the nature of the risk
  • The required Limit of Liability. This is the maximum sum that the insurer can be required to pay out in the event of a claim.
  • Information identifying the property including; copy entries and title plan(s), or an Abstract of Title, with any associated deeds and documents that are relevant to the risk.
  • Confirmation of the current use of the property and whether any development or change of use is proposed, with associated details.

To speed up the underwriting process it is particularly helpful if as much of the following information can also be included with an initial enquiry:

  1. Any background/history that is pertinent to the issue that is of concern, for example a planning decision notice and planning officer's report if permission has been granted for a new development
  2. Details of any steps that may have been taken to remedy, alleviate or mitigate the risk.
  3. Copies of any evidence that has been obtained that might help the insurer to defend an insured in the event of a claim; such as a suitable statutory declaration or a favourable Counsel's Opinion

Please note that parties seeking insurance have a Duty of Fair Presentation. For example information about any problems, disputes, contact with third parties or other matters, pertaining to the concern for which cover is sought are likely to be material to the underwriters' consideration of a risk and could influence their decision about whether to offer terms. Fulfilling this duty reduces the risk of any cover that is offered being compromised should a claim arise.


Any complaint should be addressed in the first instance to:

If you are unable to resolve your enquiry or complaint with the above please contact:-

If you remain dissatisfied with Liberty's response or you have not received a response within 8 weeks from the date of your complaint, you may refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Their contact details are as follows:-